Vision and Mission



    1. Providing new possibilities of future development for young people who are interested in devoting themselves to professional work in education.

    2. Providing opportunities for educational workers to enhance their ability.

    3. Innovating research and study in the field of educational policy and leadership.

    4. Providing consultation and advice to educational institutes at all levels.



    1. Through professional teachers and finely designed curriculum, we excel both in academic performance and social contribution.

    2. Through comfortable learning environment and opportunities for diverse development, we nurture competitive professionals. 

    3. We have been dedicated to coordinating researches and exploring new themes, leading academic research in the field of educational policy and leadership. 

    4. By combining theories with practical works and application, we wish to become an institute, which can have positive influence on educational policy in Taiwan.


    1. Enthusiasm: with enthusiasm for education, we are dedicated and concentrated.

    2. Diligence: our students are not only professional but also diligent and have excellent characters.

    3. Progress: we seek for success and excellence.

    4. Innovation: with free and harmonious learning environment, our students are highly motivated and innovative.



    1. We continue to seek different ways to strengthen the foundation of our development.

    2. Through finely designed curriculum, we nurture outstanding leaders.

    3. By reinforcing our specialties, we wish to fully exert the influence of education.

    4. We cooperate with different institutes and organizations.

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