Core Components

The Features of the Institute

Policy Participants



         12 years of national education

        Evaluation of professional development of Educators

        12 years of basic national education syllabus 

          Community leadership programs

         Gender equality Education

         Quality of High school/ middle school education



          Taipei city Project leader           

  New Taipei city Flagship project

          Taipei city Gender equality Education

         Taipei city, Hsinchu professional development evaluation of professors

         County Leadership learning community

International Cooperation


1.International Participants

2.Academic Networks

         Asia Leadership Roundtable

         Higher Education Research Association

1.Transnational Execution 2.Cooperation projects

        Institutionalization of World-Class University in Global Competition

        Instructional Leadership in East Asia

1.International services

2.Academic journals

        Asian Pacific Education Review (Periodical advisor)

        Educational Leadership and Management Section, Cogent Education (Periodical Editor)

         Journal of Educational Administration (Editorial committee)

Professional services


Student services

         Numerous society presidents, secretary, directors and supervisors

Testing services

         Participating countries’ examiners and scoring committees 

School principal and director selects the oral examination committee members

 The school principal selects examination committee members

School evaluation

          University department of evaluation of committee members

Evaluation committee of teacher’s qualifications

           High school evaluation committee

Local services

          Establishment of Danhai community learning center

           Four cooperating counties promoting leadership in the learning community 

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