Institute’s goals and educational goals are as follows:



1) International perspective:  Through language, writing and culture, mutual communication and understanding is promoted, creating the concept of a global community and giving the Tamkang students an international outlook.

2) Info/technological perspective: Aims to build a network of comprehensive information to assist teaching and research, and also strengthen students’ knowledge base, fostering Tamkang students’ understanding the role of “humanism” in “human-based management”. 

3) Future outlook: Through actively promoting visionary education this will give the Tamkang students an understanding of the greater picture. Forward thinking and the foresight to understand global and environmental trends will thus pave the way for future innovation. 

College of Education


1) Follow a visionary and forward thinking outlook integrated with practical educational theory in order to create and disseminate educational knowledge.

2) Promote localized and international standards of education as a measurement of research achievements, as well as providing educational administration and a guided development of elementary and middle schools practices. 

3) With the integration of school education and academic human resources, the exploration of educational issues and practical application provides school and other educational faculties with quality educational consultants, building a partnership with schools and other educational facilities at all levels of education to enhance the overall standards of education.     



The Institute


1) Cultivate excellent educational policy analysis

2) Cultivate excellent educational leadership

3) Cultivate excellent educational policy and leading academic research

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