Degree Offered: M.Ed.

    Chair: Ying Chan


    The Institute of Educational Policy and Leadership mainly recruits two kinds of students and teaching in two campuses of the university, respectively: The first kind is students (both of full-time and part-time) studying during the day time in the main (Tamsui) campus, and another kind is students receiving their training in the evening in the Taipei campus.

     Historical Development of the Institute

    Institute of Educational Policy and Leadership was founded in August 2000 with the inception of the Master of Education program. Since then, the Institute has been committed to training students in educational policy, administration, management and leadership. To promote continuing education and lifelong learning, a Master’s professional training program was established in August 2002. In accordance with the reorganization policy of the university, the institute had merged with the Graduate Institute of Higher Education for five years (between 2008 and 2012 academic years), and students had been divided into two sections: educational management, and higher education. The institute has been further reorganized in 2013 academic year, and the previous division of two sections has no longer existed under the new unified system. From 2013 academic year onwards, the curriculum of the institute has been totally revised, with its focuses on the following two main specializations: (1) educational policy, and (2) educational management, administration and leadership. 


    To prepare students for careers as educational administrators, policy analysts and advocates, and researchers capable of improving practices, informing policies, and serving educational institutions effectively.


    1. To cultivate professionals in educational policy analysis.

    2. To cultivate  leaders in educational administration.

    3. To cultivate  researchers in educational policy and leadership.  


    The Institute currently has 8 full-time faculty members (5 professors and 3 assistant professors) and 1 part-time faculty members (assistant professor). 

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